Abby Kerr


As an eLearning and instructional designer – I’m glad you have stumbled upon my portfolio. Please have a look around: leave comment, testimonial or connect with me through social media.

I do a range of design work, most importantly I am focused in education, producing materials that entice and educate.  Please reach out and look my bio (with link to resume), portfolio, and blog, to see what I can accomplish, about my process and what I can create for you.

Some of the things I have working on experience with or on.

  • Marketing and Personal Branding
  • Instructional Design and eLearning
  • Private Tutoring – on an array of subjects and skills (emboldened with technologies) for adults and children
  • Grant Writing and Non-Profit Community Planning

When designing this blog and website, I believed in unveiling myself through a range of my different interests. I am passionate about the following (listed in no particular order).

  • Social Justice and Activism
  • Complicated Baking Projects
  • Seizing Educational Opportunities
  • Laughing
  • Reading and Journalism
  • Collaboration
All photos and videos are from my own collection of captured memories unless specified otherwise.