Laborious Days

School has begun, 2 weeks in and starting my 3rd week. This is my new project this website, this school (UC Denver, ILT MA), and all the little things in between,

As I start on this new adventure of wordpress and widgets for INTE 5665, I am in un-chartered territory. This is what I expected from this program, combining the “e” learning side to learning and branding myself. I thought the whole program was very “meta” learning about online learning while engaging in online learning courses. In addition the portfolio/thesis being an actual website, the relevance was a perfect fit. This is outside of my comfort zone and that is what I love about learning. These challenges that push me and make me think in a new way. I hope to inspire others in the same way.

My other class INTE 5100 Instructional Design is a little more familiar, not in content but the project. Hailing from the international development and non-profit world when I saw the words UN Volunteering and read about the project I heaved a sigh of relief. Perhaps it is a bit of kizmit and easy transition into this, that I am very thankful for. Although I really thought I would venture into the corporate world and do trainings after this program, the altruistic side of me is pulled back to my love of developing countries. They are my favorite places to travel. Cultures that don’t have the same access to amenities and the adaptation to thrive with these challenges forces and adjustment of comfortability. The time that you realize where you are very uncomfortable and how you adjust is a type of learning that is unparalleled. Much like I feel right now with this whole website and social media thing.

Here are some excerpt from my notes that have stuck out to me in the different classes about teaching, learning and learning about myself.


  • What am I learning?
  • How am I learning it?
  • What can I explain to others?
  • What is or isn’t making sense?
  • What contribution have you made that makes others think?
  • What contribution have you seen that makes you think?


  • All learning theories seem to follow the model of understand the user/learner, strategize, design and assessments that determine success as you rinse and repeat.


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