Sick Days and Projects and Social Media

This week is almost over and that I am thankful for. Personally I had my first sick day with a baby at home, she and I both had a fever. I’m not sure about her but I just wanted to disappear into the sickness abyss of the couch and dal soup. I felt a lot of heavy lifting came with Thursday and my usual low levels of  productivity fell to almost nothing. This was in stark comparison to Monday and Wednesday, where as a family we do an “outdoor/active activity.” This Wednesday we hiked up Grand Mesa in our attempt to train for a 14’er. I obviously am allergic to training to climbing mountains, thus my sickness on Thursday.

While steaming dal soup on my face whilst trying to figure out the ends and outs of a  “learner personal for INTE 5100,” I had a realization about social media. This project I am working on for Instructional Design is taking a international non-profit need/problem and creating an instructional design learning module. The 2nd part of the project are these learner persona’s where you dig in to the learners background and try to use empathy to learn about these people. The project I am working on is a typical grassroots project, they are doing all these great things for the WASH sector in Nigeria but they have poor social media presence and these half done projects laying around on their website that makes it really hard to actually connect with the project.

ASIDE: I feel like this was the universe’s divine intervention assuring me that this program is going to be okay and not too off base from what I know.  This project is basically just like my other degree and like every non-profit I have worked for.

ANYWAY, back to my long winded feelings about social media. How can they share information, it is one thing to just “like” something, make connections, share a link and be in a network with others. Much like our readings from this week for “Thought Leadership”, how can I make a cool infographic, funny and cool video {like this one, Mama Hope: African Man Stereotype Vid} jazz up the website, do all these things and bolster this organization’s role in development? On the other hand you ALSO have to be thoughtful, present and trying to connect with the other side of the world for money… This seems like such a demanding thing to ask of an organization that is already holding the literal dirty hand of children up to clean. Perhaps the messy world of altruism non-profit work is another one my sisyphus-ian complexities, or maybe it is why I am in this program to make a neat pile amongst chaos.

Social media is this blessing in disguise more than just a fun communication network but now it must be a tool. Im still churning this in my head. Do I have to stop posting my political posts, do I have to have to find all those pictures that exist to keep my past from coming up, what incredibly genius profound ideas should I have on social media from now on?!? Then I feel overwhelmed… But I’ve come to a realization that all those things are part of me, they define me, these political views, the bad pictures, the occasional sharing without the most deep of insights, at least it’s a start. Now that i have a compass I can follow more so on path. Marian Hiking Sept '17

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