Visme vs Piktochart

So lately I have been enthralled with infographics, perhaps it’s my new Pinterest obsession, thanks to my digital and social media class, and it’s less intimidating than making videos. I love that infographics also have writing and story to tell. I think it’s a great way to convey information in snippets for projects, presentations, timelines and all sorts of other things. So I was turned on to Piktochart by my colleague and classmate, Jenn Shelden which I used for my INTE5100 class projects. Check out my  creation page to see my piktochart mastery PHAAE: Learner Persona, PHAAE: Learning Objectives. Then I used Visme after doing a little online digging around for other tools, here is a timeline I created, TOBFC Infographic. Here’s a little side by side comparison.


  • Lower levels of graphic clarity unless you purchase a plan, although they are rolling out downloads for more clarity.
  • More template options
  • Easier to
  • Less free images
  • Easier to size your own uploaded images
  • More text options
  • Less overwhelming for using a new tool
  • Similar tool bar
  • Less advertisement about upgrading during use


  • Better level of graphic clarity without purchasing plan
  • Less template options
  • More free images
  • Harder to size your own uploaded images
  • Less text options for each template
  • More overwhelming for using a new tool.
  • Similar tool bar
  • More advertisement to upgrade in use

So there’s my little breakdown of my experiences, I’ll update since I have a few other projects that aren’t complete and I’m not done completely reviewing the sites.

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