PRIVATE: STAY OUT unless you are everybody

Slacktivism is an article I recently read that I urge you to look at and skim, it’s a little heady, it makes some great points about something that I am passionate about, using your voice to create conversation and embolden activism through the internet. Obviously through this blog I mince no words about things that I am passionate about, instruction design and social change and issues.

When starting this whole blog thing I faced a dilemma about how to write, should I be brutally honest about how I feel about the world and they way it works or not works? Or should I just talking about teaching and leave the social justice piece aside? Obviously social justice wins, I cannot ignore the reasons that I want to be an instructional designer, to help people be more analytical about their world. I am analytical about what is going on around me about everything and in coming from the world of caring so much about social justice I can’t deny that part of me. I always want to have more dialogue and discourse, especially if someone is on the opposite side of the spectrum, I want them to show me a new way to think about things and I want to open their eyes too. Both of us coming away with a more rounded view of the world.

My secondary worry was my past, the silly things I have done, I listened to this podcast and was horrified. I starting think about the pictures I have from traveling and places that were exactly this, silly and slightly disrespectful. I have a picture of myself chugging beer in front of a sign in that says “No Drinking” in Muslim area of town while in Dar Es Salaam. How do I curb the world from know that I was once reckless and wacky? I can’t unless something goes terribly wrong and my past comes to haunt me, then I will have a erasing service do it for me. This is the world we live in super connected and can be destructive to our persons but we shouldn’t let the fear of someone finding out about the reality of our humanity ruin our ability to connect and be humans with everyone else.

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