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I’ve been heavy into infographic production, well since last semester. This semester started off to the same visual challenge of dissection, what makes a good infographic. How do you judge a piece of art? Art this messy thing that tries to convey what the artist is putting out there not necessarily with words but with colors, sounds, lights, emotions, and all sorts of other inputs to convey something to the purveyor. Infographics to me are graphic art but a graphic art of data, taking numbers and telling a story through visualization. With the rise of our world becoming more and more visual, we command more visual information and with that has sprung infographics.

Infographics are very design heavy with creative ways of visualization for information, this has the reader or “looker” making a judgement on pictures of data rather than just saying what data is. Design and advertising principles are not foreign to me from a psychological standpoint or even as a “looker” although the actual terms and design principles are something that I am still learning about. So there is this principle in which we all see on a regular basis that makes our eyes drawn to something and “like” it more (big blue facebook thumbs up!!) These principles are called CARP not to be confused with CRAP which is also used as the design principle’s acronym but I cannot take that seriously.

Contrast: is the difference, whatever draws your eyes into a piece. The contrast of items on the page that will draw your eyes in.

Alignment: is the intent of where pieces are placed on the design. All placements of items should have intent to make visual connection of the elements to one another and the overall purpose of the design.

Repetition: is simply, using similar design elements throughout the page to make it cohesive.

Proximity: of items that are used in the design are grouped together to link an association.

So after wading through many infographics I am going to use THIS one to show how CARP design principles are applied to actual designs. I don’t know about y’all, but I am a self proclaimed news junkie and lover of verifiable sources. I recently found this website The and it’s basically the best news website I’ve ever been to. If I were more computer literate, could even finish a thought process, and better at making things I would apply to work for them since they are hiring. EVERYTHING they make is beautiful, interactive, tells a very well thought out, and well resourced story, and uses data in an amazing way.


This article is about words used within Hip-Hop. Honestly I wouldn’t change anything about this maybe make the background a different color and rely less on the black and white.

Contrast: In accordance with the main design the starkness of the black and white features make your eyes focus on the mapping and visual aids that have very little color. By the use of gray text bubbles/snippets that explain the graphs and visual aids your are drawn into the movement of the graph and the contrast of words outlined in gray. With the use of kinetic (movement) within the article as you scroll up and down your eyes are drawn to the movement of the visual aids that physically change the contrasting the different language used in hip-hop.

Alignment: The alignment of the article is larger width bands on either side and the articles visual aids either taking center stage or accompanied by text on the left side. I really liked that the width brought you into the data and the text bubbles/snippets were more excerpts rather than full text boxes that conveyed information.

Repetition: The same use of fonts, graph styles, and pictures of the artists faces used create a cohesive whole document.

Proximity: The graphs are aligned with the text about them. The use of kinetics in the visual representations are very slight and sleek. I would have made the mapping of the artists lyrical similarities spaced differently for a desktop, although it worked great on my phone, it is spaced so heavily at the bottom of the area for the artists.

I hope y’all learned something about design and hip-hop artist lyrics, stay tuned for more updates on my infographic journey!



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