Command: Hands Draw Good

So I love art, my trips (that I used to take solo all over the world) would revolve around art museums. I would seek out these painting and pieces of art and weep when I would see them. When I was in Paris, I went to the Musee De Orsay three times, a security guard escorted me out of the Louvre because it was pass museum being open, I spent 85% of my time in Paris weeping. In Brazil in between World Cup games I spent my time devouring museums and art galleries. When I lived in Toronto going to school I would stop at art galleries on my way home from school, for clarity. Art museums and galleries artists pull me into their world.

Commanding my own body to make art has been more of struggle, I am not a very good artist. I feel like I am always trying to find my medium. I spent most of my 20’s bouncing from medium to medium, painting, charcoal, pencils, crayons, pens, sharpies, whatever I could put my hands on. I never really got it. Cooking came along (well it was always lingering in the background) and I just threw myself into it. It was a fit.

Drawing and sketching was this unobtainable nemesis. I spent time when I lived in Tanzania drawing more and it got better. Moving back to America, I lost that time, with TV, internet, constant power source and input, ALL THE TIME. This past week I got back into the saddle with some light drawing activities for the infographic I am making (dogs are hard to draw!!) and an activity for class. We had to doodle in sync with some TED videos, Draw More Together (youTube) and Why People Think They Can’t Draw (youTube) , then doodle how to make toast. These videos taught me something that I kinda knew all along, that we all can draw simple and more basic designs, artists like my wonderful partner Chris, can make more amazing things.

I saw a couple of my very studious classmates submit their assignments and with the typical steps on making toast in a toaster. I immediately thought about how I don’t even have a toaster and i toast things on our cast iron on the stove. My toaster was discarded long ago after one of my many moves and purging of my things. Every time I move or the season would change, I try to have less and less things and would purge all my stuff. When I moved in with Chris and we were living in the trailer (another post for another day) I was delighted to get rid of most of my stuff or cram my favorites, that weren’t going to join us on the gypsy lifestyle, into my parents garage. So without a toaster and my ridiculous ways of making our food from scratch (because I like to complicate things) I made my drawings from the beginning a simple bread recipe.

Not my best sketching work but it sure was fun! I encourage you to make yourself a pictograph of making toast in your own way, it was a soothing process and helped me work out those afternoon siesta times.


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