The Future of Learning

We all think about the future and sigh to ourselves will it finally be the Jetson’s time?  Where is my robotic housekeeper and nanny?!? The reality is that robotics and lifestyles will change drastically, learning will change drastically.  I CAN NOT WAIT FOR HOLOGRAMS!!! I believe as we get more productive as human beings we will look towards companies like Google, Facebook, and other tech giants; that believe in an inclusive learning with neurological benefits and social aspects to promote the human. Perhaps I am an idealist and humanist employer but people are better workers when they are rewarded and given time. If you over stress and undervalue an employee burnout is inevitable. Over working is the American way but I think that we will come to an understanding of humans and how we can evolve ourselves to be better not stressed.

I used which is an awesome website and tool!

Pictures are from pixabay, my go to for free images.

Here’s a view of my adult learning experience in 2048:


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