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Happy Belated 3.14, Pie Day! In honor of this momentous holiday I thought I would throw a MINI webinar with my tips and tricks to making pie/pastry crust. Live events are tricky testings my shaky nerves as a presenter, with the added bonus of technology potentially failing me. Throwing this event opened my eyes to how methodical I had to be about planning in micro-time increments. Trying to balance William Horton’ triple threat of Absorb, Do, and Connect activities within a 15 – 30 min time frame was a delicate tightrope walk.


I would be doing a disservice to myself and my teachers without recommending where I get all my tips and tricks:

Tech Used

Synchronous Tool Zoom, I did a lot of work preparing for this meeting. I’ve used Zoom in a limited and more relaxed environment. I used Zoom to record myself in the Zoom “meeting room” I created for the Webinar. This is where I realized I could detach the chat-pod from the screen, create a portion of the screen dedicated to the slides (in edit mode) in Canva.

Slide and Visual Creation Canva again provided me a template, I previously created for writing down my recipes, it was easy to copy the recipe cards into a presentation and use the same fonts and index card background. I also used Pages to write up a script this allowed me to time the amount of content for each slide; considering the cadence of the webinar and not repeat content.

Webinar Recording


Here is my pie crust recipe. Consider this as a guideline rather than a traditional recipe. You can mix and match and create your own version.

Here are the slides from the webinar, In case you want to read and reread things. With more visuals and questions, this can also help jog your memory of the tips and tricks .

Lessons Learned

I learned a lot from the webinar, mostly about the aforementioned micro time management. I tried to have an interaction every slide or 2 embedded within. I also had planned for the questions, I asked to guide the webinar but not stall it, if participation was low. I muted everyone and relinquished any user control to the host (myself), gave a pre-instruction slide for a couple friends (I bribed with pie) to show up who hadn’t used Zoom before I also used this as a time cushion for people coming in a couple min. late.

I waste a strange amount of time in any creative project, usually creating something more grandiose than the scope and scaling back in a creative spark. This project was no different, I have 2 Captivate projects sitting in eLearning purgatory, waiting to be born. I really wanted to make 2 slides that were process flow and click to reveal of how to make pie dough to have the learners follow along and learn interactively that way. But taking time to tell learners to switch programs and look up websites to try things out was too time consuming. I gleaned most of my impetus from other people’s webinars.

My regrets are not being on camera as much, I liked the professional feel of the slides and felt like a smaller screen version of myself was enough “me time on camera.” I have always shy-ed away from spotlight and wish I had given that personal touch. I also am trying to figure out my post webinar plan of action. I have some follow up links I’ve collected from questions that are more personalized. to the specific participant.

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