Career Inquiry

“What am I going to do with my life?” I utter these words to myself every day. As graduation is impending in my future it is imperative that I understand the job market that I am jumping into.

Although I live in Grand Junction Colorado and love the western slope, see: the cost of living and the most beautiful natural wonders, there is a severe deficit of jobs that are grounded in technology in this part of the state. My family is prepared to move if the job is right for me and my professional growth. As I look into jobs I needed to streamline what and where I was looking for, which was a combined list of places that my partner was willing to move to and where cost of living and childcare wouldn’t eat up our paychecks. I also needed to disseminate what about myself I should highlight in my CV/resume.

Here is how I broke down what the market looks like for me and if you are interested in my Design Document.

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