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Obviously if you’ve read any of my previous blog posts I am passionate about social issues. Although I love that feeling that new information give you like a puzzle piece is found and snapped into this messy jigsaw puzzle in your head. With being informed there is an understanding about being cautious about the resources I cite. I feel that fairness of a story and the use of well balanced data is imperative. I want to help other people combat the ridiculous overblown information, I know it comes from both sides. I don’t shy away from my beliefs and thoughts about events in the world. I think that spending so much time traveling and exploring the way other people live around the world has either emboldened or changed my views. To be ones self and have a well formed opinion you must challenge yourself. I don’t spout my views just to hear myself think or talk and get into this whirlwind of people who think the same thing. I want to be challenged, I want someone to come into my life and have a retort of thought about something that I didn’t think about. This is where my frustration sets in about talking to someone about social or political issues is the mass amounts of information. Shouldn’t we as a tribe of humans who value our lives and want to better ourselves understand how we are fed information. I think that it’s scary that in a country with such innovation and nonpartisan think tanks and research, that people just ignore that data. I get it numbers are scary and when you look a the mess that surrounds how data is compiled it’s confusing. It doesn’t mean it’s wrong if it doesn’t support your views you just have to open your mind a little bit more. I feel the same way sometimes. How can I make a tribe of readers who are analytical? Do other people even yearn to look at information differently? I think they do after spending a lot of time on facebook and twitter, making myself slightly sick by reading comment sections. Comment sections are the train wreck/Dr. pimple popper videos/Trump’s tweets you can’t look away from once you start you can’t stop. I realized that the more informed and well thought out the comment is the more people liked or responded to it. These comments also brought out other comments, full blown discussions that avoided name calling and slurs, included links and history and data that made me think. People need a baseline of information before they discuss things. If you immediately start out on the lowest wrung of communication (name calling and not making any sense or not using a higher level of thinking) then thats where the conversation stays drowning in misinformation and slurs. If you bring it up a wrung and include numbers or a link from a viable source, then discussion ensues. I also noticed people don’t read links, they read titles and speak in memes. So if you take the points that you want the person to abstract from the article they are more likely to investigate. I think there is a tribe out there of people who want to be more informed and dig deeper, although I am worried about finding them. From my readings in my social media class about incorporating education and social media. I really enjoyed thinking about this it has been such a overlap from my other class. For my Solution Design Project, my partner and I created our design document for an online social media, 4 part module for a non-profit PHAAE in Nigeria, check out my project in the creations page. Soon we have to do our story board, I am feeling deep in creativity and making things. I am trying my hand at all the piktochart/visme/canva. Canva is very similar to Visme. Better for smaller designs and the sizes template create are better than either of the other programs. Not as many ads throughout the process or maybe I’m immune by now. I loved our design document although it was a stress making it, we had a peer review and then time to make changes then turn the final doc in. For some reason peer reviews are incredibly terrifying to me, it always is more stress and very hard to read at times. I am really ready to move on to story board and more developing the prototype. FOOD TRIBE, we all eat and love eating, well maybe people don’t love eating as much as I do. But food brings everyone together, here’s what I’ve been cookin’ up recently in the oven. When I’m all wound about things or feel like I need to think more, usually at night, I’m not the best at producing things at night these days… I bake, it’s my nighttime project. Although school gets tough and I have been more focused on that, to unwind I’ve made a few new things.  Lemon Apple Ricotta Cake, based off a food52 article, although I used more apple, a whole lemon’s zest, more brown sugar, the rest of whatever container of ricotta that was left. I think everyone liked it, like most sweets in our house it was quickly gone. My sweet little M has been crawling, getting into mischief, and EATING everything in sight! Thus I made her some flaxseed almond apple and banana muffins, my own recipe, 1 cup of flour, 1/2 cup of sour cream, 1 cup of apple sauce, 2 smashed bananas (the browner the better), 1/3 cup of flaxseed, dash of cinnamon, cardamon and nutmeg mix,  1/4 tsp of almond extract, 1 tsp of vanilla, 1/2 tsp of baking soda and powder. spray the mini muffin pan with coconut oil, and sprinkle with almond flakes. 16 min at 350 F. Oh I also had a night where I stayed up to 1AM, where I made the THESE. Honestly I ate more batter than cookies and had a stomach ache the next day accompanied by a butter & sugar hangover. Browning butter is a tricky mistress once you get it down you’re world changes (specifically for cookies and blondies), it takes time and to let it brown properly you have to watch out for that nutty aroma. Waiting for it to cool in the freezer is the hardest part. Well my tribe is getting ready to go to the park so I must run to the park with them.      

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  1. What is it that you liked about Canva vs. Piktochart? I’ve tried both and I found Canva better for variety (they do more than just infographics) but their system was way too glitchy for me, personally.

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