Writing Objectives

Objectives writing is something that I have been busy with lately for both classes and I felt horrible to okay to better about it. I know that my learning will evolve within but seriously, writing objectives makes my palms sweat for some reason. I think it’s the Bloom’s Taxonomy, at first with you think about all the different types of thinking and knowledge you get a little dizzy, but really looking at the definition of each thinking skill  (knowledge to comprehension to application to analysis to synthesis and evaluation), it becomes more manageable. I have a hard time trying to understand where to put learners who aren’t exactly subject matter experts but have a sense of what is going on and doesn’t need the first phase. I’m a backwards design type of person, trying to figure out what activities will gel with the learner, then how to create that through a learning objective is how I approach it. Although it may be a little off it has really helped me figure out what verbs really belong in my objectives. I guess it is because I feel like activities are so important in learning, although as a student i sometimes dread them, it is the best way to involve yourself in what you are trying to learn. I also approach objective writing from the learner’s perspective and the learners that I have been pandering to have been pretty all around knowledgable. Or at in the least,  interested or slightly motivated to absorb the subject matte that I am going to give them. This chart is one of my favs. off of all the Blooms chart in a quick google image search, it has an explanation for each level os thinking skill and a hearty list of verbs that describe each skill. Here is where I found it.1

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