Drive: Pack Prey Defense (fight or flight)

We have a beloved family member who we call “baby #1” or Vegas. Chris adopted Vegas before we met and this border collie/doberman/mutt has been the fourth member of our family. Vegas has his quirks, like any dog, we’ve made exceptions, anthropomorphized his behavioral issues, worked with him and had our frustrations as any pet owner has. We knew the addition of Marian would be a stressful event for him, he already wasn’t the fondest of children. It has been a slow learning process for him and her, Marian has exuberant love for him as a budding toddler and he tolerates her. Her moving around has been a challenge and a total stress factor for us, not just the baby proofing our cabinets and rooms, more of Vegas’ very sensitive and sometimes erratic behavior. Needless to say after our trip to Texas over Dec.-Jan. we noticed some behaviors getting worse and needed to call in reinforcements. IMG_2945   Through one of our friends Chris got a dog trainer’s number. We called her up and made an appointment. We aren’t exactly in the financial place to be spending money on dog trainers (seems like something for billionaires) but we also really love Vegas and wanted to find a solution for our family. Erica came over and met with us and Vegas we discussed our issues and what we wanted from our sessions. She thought it would be an easy fix and gave us a packet of information. In the packet she laid out how dogs operate in three main drive (although some researchers say there are four) pack, prey, defense (fight or flight). Learning about how to train a dog to go back and forth from these drives are a little more personalized to the dog and owner. The basic outline of pack, prey, and defense drives were really interesting to me, all dogs have these drives and all dogs have different natural amounts of these drives. Concurrently as this is happening I started a new semester, I am taking Integrating Media and Mobile into e-Learning and Creative Design of Instructional Materials. I am very excited for both of these classes for the creative and design elements but trepidatious for the technology to produce these projects with. My very first assignment is an INFOGRAPHIC!!! I love infographics and have a whole folder dedicated to infographics I like on my computer desktop. The hard part was deciding what to make an infographic about, I toyed with a couple ideas (sexual harassment, making a brownie recipe I have perfected, or swimming lap instructions.) I really wanted something that I could make with animation that had very direct visual cues, I can’t even give myself credit for this idea because it was Chris’, so hence dog drives. Stay tuned to learn more about my infographic creation mishaps and triumphs!

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  1. I wanna see your infographic! And I just learned something about doggos. You should make one for cats too, although I’m betting most of those will be food, pets, and being demanding (at least according to Rocco).

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