Learning Experiences

Intro to Psychology Class

This class was built in Canvas and is an illustration of crafting an eLearning experience in an LMS. The intent of this class is to have full functional course map, applying psychology theories in discussion groups, and learning how to cite and research in APA format. I chose for discourse as one major assessment because of the content of this class and the ability for student’s to create a community. I also chose APA citation and writing in an APA research style as a very applicable skill for most higher education students.

Below are two examples (first and last) of the step-by-step process of learning how to slowly build a student’s confidence with the intricacies of learning how to write a research paper in APA format. *if these are duplicated for your class please cite my work with a small notation “Collaborated with Abby Kerr”

Edits & Comments

  • “Well done!! Your course is really well done. I love your icons and explanations. I would maybe center the last line of text about the modules. Also, the quiz icon is not hyperlinked like the others. One other you could add overtime are some audio clips with directions to not have as much text, nothing you have to do, just an idea. I really like your colors and theme- it works really well together. Great work!!!” -Instructor Review
  • I would like to add more audio as the review above stated, since I was using the free version on Canvas, i would like to play around more with some of the plugins to enhance some of my learning objectives and goals for the learners.

Adult Learning Realized: Meet Sam

Adult Learning Realized, WIX site

This project is a website that is all about simplifying adult learning theories and using my own hand drawn images to create a sense of simplicity and relatability to the subject. Juxtaposing a heavy theme like learning theories with simplicity of a child’s chalk drawings, was intentional to make the content less lifeless. Sam, a character created for this project, mimicked my own experiences within a higher education setting. I used Wix as a vehicle to showcase Sam and his journey into adult learning theories.

The following are the design document and edits about making this site on Wix. I also read the book, Adult Learning – Linking Theory to Practice by S. B. Merriam which really inspired this project, and further thinking on the issue, see my eLearning and Activism project.

Edits & Comments

  • “Great work, Abby! I really think that your site is a great demonstration of how to engage an audience with an effective instructional message without relying on stock approaches and stock visuals. I love the narrative approach with Sam – – I think that really speaks to the audience, gets their attention. And, because of your approach, the website is unique and I’m sure stands out from other instructional products on the subject. Yes!! Your own chalk drawings from the get go gets the whole thing off to a great start. The text is limited, to the point. Good minimalist layout, clear navigation. Great content overall.I think it is hard to read the small text in the squares. I highly recommend increasing the font size one step.Yes, I think it’s clear that you are a creative designer and it appears that our readings and previous experiences have had a positive influence. As I indicated above, I’m very impressed with this end product.” – Instructor Review
  • I would also like to make a video and animate Sam doing some of these things or at least an overall experience on animation and design.
  • I would also like to widen the range of theories that Sam is learning about.

Meet Cute: Cookie Edition

WIX Cookie Site

This website is born from my love of cooking, part of my journey to the field of eLearning and ID was looking at my hobbies and finding the common ground. I have always devoured books different genres for different moods. I became really interested in cook books, old cookbooks, new cookbooks and dissecting the recipes and they style they are written in. After moving away from my community in Austin, I was unable to send certain fancy baked goods, via mail so I resolved myself to cookies. Thus I remixed my versions of the classic cookies but also a bonus recipe of a new classic.

I utilized some of the annoyances I have about traditional recipes and made the graphics in my recipe cards to act as more of a job aid like the amount of bowls, actual tools needed, and other miscellaneous items. Although there is a certain beauty in the format of a traditional recipe, there is also an automatic dissatisfaction for learners with audio or visual learning preferences. I also made video’s accompanying each cookie recipe. Cooking media isn’t just for those who cook these days, with the rise of Buzzfeed’s Tasty channel’s, there is something soothing about watching a video of how food is made.

Edits & Comments:

  • I would like to add audio files in the future to make this website more accessible for all types of learner’s. Having someone reading or narrating the recipe to you could be a way to combat sticky fingers swiping to make sure the ingredients measurements are correct.
  • “I like the recipe card graphics you used for your videos, it’s fun and has a vintage feel to it 🙂  I have heard weighing is important.  I think I need to invest in a scale.  The music you chose for the videos is fun and playful too. ” – Peer Review
  • “Abby, all those frozen batches were worth it. Your site from the awesome videos, cool graphics, and witty writing is phenomenal! Your approach to the project, the research and work you put in to create such a high quality piece of digital media is what I hope for all students to gain from this class. While the tools available are allowing media creators to push their limits, there is still learning that must occur and strategies still must be developed to allow for quality content. I loved your cookie site and I’m happy that you were able to create such a product. Your users / readers have gained a valuable resource. Well Done!” – Instructor Review