Learning Experiences

Constructivist Teaching

Constructivism, Google Sites

Constructivism speaks to me as a learner, I always seem to dive into projects with new technologies and “learn as I go.” Although this doesn’t always bode well for timing and due dates, as well as, my cortisol and blood pressure. I always learn A LOT as I go and the things that I wouldn’t have absorbed when reading the material but the trial and error can be exceptionally frustrating. I mirror these times when designing a constructivist lesson, have the students explore and learn the lesson. Simple sounding, correct? After reading about constructivism I realized the amount of work is put into creating the learning environment and structure and arc of the lesson is dependent on the student’s “A-Ha!” moment. I think of the expensive Montessori shelves, toys and classrooms that are curated for a very specific and repetitive experience and how although the Montessori method is tailored for children it is completely applicable to adult learning too.

When designing this site, my peers and I decided we needed to make this more of a learning site for other professionals. We wanted to address the range of examples that showed how you can use constructivist teaching in K-12, higher education, and corporate learning. We also tried our hands at creating accessible audio files to accompany the writing.

Edits & Comments:

  • I think this project needs more graphic and visual representation of constructivism rather than the charts have more images and graphics created in the same style of the website.
  • “Overall, nice work! I enjoyed the variety of media – including the soundclouds. On the first page, I would have liked to see more in text citations. Also, the table on the first page is not accessible – think about accessibility throughout your website in your Trends project (this would include transcripts of the audio recordings). I also liked the navigation – with the “next” button at the bottom of each page, but I would have liked to see the audio clips be better incorporated into the site, as they felt like a last minute addition because of their placement. Nice job” – Instructor Review

The Three Realities

The Three Realities, Weebly

As a former technological laggard, I was pretty worried about my attention span and cynicism when my friend and peer, Leela suggested this topic. This topic was really the kind of topic I have avoided but the lifelong learner within was itching to know more. I was proven wrong, Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality/Mixed Reality are actually the type of learning experiences that enhance constructivist learning. They are the type or learning that takes storytelling and technology in conjunction with the reality to convey an immersive learning experience.

Our approach to this site, was to really dig deep into the inquiry of these devices in the field. We wanted to educate ourselves and other peers on the topic by delving into the history, the technological uses, cases, the affordability for the average user and the impacts on the field.

Edits & Comments:

  • “Overall, a well put together website. It met all the requirements of the assignment and was presented in a professional way, the site was well organized, with lots of examples. I know you both struggled with an absentee group member, but you did a great job anticipating issues and rising to the challenge. I do hope you finish the AR section for your portfolio. It is a great product to share.” – Instructor Review
  • “I really like the way your team chose to divide the sections up on each page: background, connections, cases, impact, and resources. Very smart!” -Peer Review
  • “I was excited to see how you explained each of the different presentations of mixed/virtual/augmented realities with solid examples of each. I just finished a live cast with a Marco Facinni as a “mentor” guest on a session that I hosted on TLDC.us: https://www.crowdcast.io/e/the-mentorship-playlist/3 (Links to an external site.)” – Peer Review
  • “Your website design looks great!  It’s organized, professional and eye-catching!  I really liked your infographic and how the design was incorporated throughout the website.  In addition, the timeline was really well done.  I didn’t know much about AR/VR/MR before this semester and it was one of my favorite topics.  Great job:)” – Peer Review
  • “Your website was very thorough and paid a lot of attention to detail! Being on the verge of implementing VR in my own classroom through Google Expeditions it was wonderful to see all of the positives and negatives laid out simply to understand. The world of MR is also just as fascinating. I found it very interesting to see it being used in science fields and hope that it will eventually trickle down more to K-12 education.” – Peer Review
  • “Thank you for taking on this topic – you guys have done an excellent job with the content and presentation on the website !Although I have a keen interest in learning new technology, I kind of kept away from AR/VR/MR because I always associated them with gaming and I’m not much of a gamer. It is interesting to see other applications and fields with this technology and after this class I’m warming up to these realities – they don’t seem so complicated.Thank you for your good work!” – Peer Review
  • I think Leela and I would both like to do more hands on research for this project. Some Examples would be: making a VR slide in Captivate and then filming the person experiencing the event. We also have talked about meeting up and borrowing a Magic Leap from Microsoft and making a video out of that experience.

eLearning and Activism

eLearning & Activism, Adobe Captivate

This project began with the Adult Learning Realized project, when I was pondering the origins of adult learning *I realized* that the great thinkers and activists ,I have always looked up to through anthropology classes and working in the non-profit field, were also the champions of modern adult learning theories. This project tested my ability to design like an engineer. I really learned so much about the technical side of designing and development and I walked away with the ultimate respect of eLearning and ID developers.

The span of this project was originally much more grand than just one module, I wanted to create a 3 part module, where the second module incorporated SCORM and xAPI discussions about the theories and then a 3rd module where the learner would create their own activism campaign through the theories learned and discussed. I completed the first part of the module that adheres to WCAG2.0 Accessibility guidelines.

Edits & Comments:

  • “Great perspectives, Abby! Thanks for sharing, and thank you for the effort you put forward for this excellent project this semester. (I love what you said – “develop like an engineer… design like an educator”. Great takeaway!) I wish you all the best!” – Instructor Review
  • “Great job, Abby! You worked so hard on this, and it shows. I really enjoyed the many opportunities for the learner to participate in knowledge checks, and progress through some of the content at their own pace and preference. Well done!” – Instructor Review
  • “WOW super impressed, especially since you made this in Captivate! It looks great and has some cool interactivity pieces. Great job!” -Peer Review
Launch Presentation

Design Thinking with Logic Models

Design Thinking and Logic Models, Weebly

This project is done in the style of Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SOTL). I went to SXSW-edu 2019 and wandered into a talk from The New School Venture, a research company that helps educational tech startups streamline their grand ideas into achievable steps. I really was interested in their innovative model of design thinking and logic models. I also wanted to show my range as a designer for medical tech products and design something clean and neat like this.

I used Weebly as my vehicle. I wanted to create an overarching story of a lab tech and UX designer melding their ideas together. When I was in the panel talk by New School Venture, I loved all of their ideas although I had the background to understand their concept. On the converse when I was going to present my ideas to the peers in my research class I didn’t think that most of my peers would know much about logic models. Therefore I created an example with Hugo and Neema. I have learned more and more that examples, learner profiles, and storytelling are crucial to having a learner connect with the material.

Edits & Comments

  • “Abby, looking and reading through your project as well as the website you created, I can only imagine the time it took to do this project!! I can only hope that you are now able to use it beyond this class. =) I was impressed with the step by step functionality of the website, and I was able to follow through each click to go from logic models all the way to the design thinking with logic models. I think you could apply this method to further projects! I think you should continue with Neema and Hugo, too.” – Peer Review
  • “Wow, awesome job Abby! Beautifully made resource.” -Peer Review
  • “Abby, it is always a treat to look at your projects! Beautifully done. Design:The website you created was beautifully designed. It is clean, simple, and adheres to CARP principles. I love the images you created as buttons to lead to the various pages. All of the images you created throughout the site are compelling and give your website such cohesion and personality. I especially loved the design thinking image you created, using the same shape outlines of the framework, but adding the personalization of images within those shapes. Beautiful. In the logic modules page, I love the way you used images for the steps at the top of the page and then again when  explaining the details of that step. I’m not sure what the limitations are within Weebly, but one suggestion here would be to make the initial image link to the description of that step, so that the page scrolls down to the relevant section when clicked. Content First of all, I absolutely love the big picture example you created. It tells a beautiful story that brings cohesion to the content in the same way your images bring cohesion to the design. I am so impressed. The content of each page was compelling and well organized.” – Peer Review
  • “Outstanding, Abby – You’re a good thinker/analyzer of ideas and models!” – Instructor Review
  • I am sure there are some more grammatical errors that I should clean up and perhaps maybe add audio files and a video about Neema and Hugo’s final product.