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Mini-Webinar – Easy as Pie

Easy as Pie Webinar, Zoom

This webinar was my first test for live event facilitation and webinars, and needless to say I was VERY nervous and prepared for a crash and burn event. One of my dear and oldest friend’s laughed at me when I said, ” I surprisingly nailed it!” She said, “Abby you’ve been facilitating in every job you’ve had for years.” I realized that live events and curating a webinar wasn’t a scary task it was more about time management and having the right amount of William Horton’s Absorb Connect and Do activities.

My approach to teaching people how to make pie crusts are the usual basics: ingredients, texture, and how to let the dough work for you. My creativity streak and surprise ending came when I urged my participants to flavor their crusts to create intrigue and accompany their pie filling. I would love to re-do this webinar with my NEW and improved recipe that I have developed in the last couple months, spoiler alert: CAKE flour and AP flour to create the ultimate flaky crust.

Edits & Comments

  • “* You started on time. Good use of timeframe. * Excellent directions via slide and presentation on Zoom basics. * Nice introduction of self and topic. At the start of the webinar you did a good job of establishing your credibility as a presenter of the topic. Clearly an expert. * Good enthusiasm for the topic, really works to engage the audience. Also you were very personable, helping the audience connect with you and care about the topic. * I love the story you told at the start. * Slide design was very good, CARP followed. I like how the background had the look and feel of recipe cards. * Great visuals throughout. * I appreciated the use of Zoom interactions/tools. * Good explanation of steps. * Good balance of Absorb, Do, and Connect activities, especially given the timeframe. * Fantastic resources, very helpful! * Good engagement throughout. * I love the way you’ve packaged to project on your basecamp site.” – Instructor Feedback
  • “I’d say her webinar was successful – I had dreams about making pies that night!” – Peer Feedback
  • To learn more about my edits and process please refer to my blog post.
YouTube, Webinar Recording

Inclusion Webinar

Inclusion Webinar, Zoom

Working with a group of people each living in a different remote location and creating a live event to facilitate together is a task of heavy patience and technology. This webinar was made with the intent of professional development for inclusive design. from marketing promotional materials to design to the ultimate event there were many bumps along the road. I am happy report that this team overcame our missteps and created a full scale project that educated and provided thought provoking content.

Our approach was unique in building inclusion in all digital classrooms, K-12, higher ed, and corporate or organizational learning. Please refer to all the links below to see out process form promotional materials to recording to handout.

Edits & Comments

  • Job well done! Each presenter was knowledgable about the topic and well-rehearsed. The do and connect activities were great and kept the audience engaged in the presentation. The breakout rooms were a great way to make sure the audience is making connections with content by applying what they learned. Great job!
  • The AO and color coding was very well done! I liked how Amanda helped in the chat by jumping in and giving us ideas when we were stuck, too. Use of the breakout rooms was awesome! I really enjoyed this strategy but felt the time for the activity was a little too short. It was neat to break out into groups and discuss based on different interests/career paths.
  • Very well done both in verbal presentation and slide presentation. Good use of interactions.
  • Great job and thank you all!!!
  • I enjoyed the slides themselves, as they looked professional. I appreciate your webinar on the topic in general, as many of us do need to be reminder of these ideas every so often, and some may have never even thought about them.
  • Extremely well organized and executed, well done!
  • I truly appreciate the research that went into planning the webinar. This topic is great and there isn’t much out there that can separate from accessibility. Webinar was well paced and I enjoyed the visuals,  examples, energy of the presenters, interaction with participants and delivery. The presentation was cool and another great resource. You all did a great job!
  •  Each of the speakers was well prepared and the slides looked good. My favorite parts were the analysis of the messages portrayed in the images. It was fun to read the chat comments from others watching the webinar. This was a very good use of interactive techniques and do/connect activities.
  • I liked this presentation because the team worked well together, transitions from one presenter to another was smooth, many mini activities kept the participants engaged, and overall the team presented themselves as knowledgeable with their timing planned just right.  Good job!
  • Clearly well rehearsed, well planned, and beautiful presented.
  • Overall, an excellent presentation from all four team members! The slide and handout design was well done. The color coding of the slide deck made it easy to follow and understand the organization of the webinar.
  • I think I would change some of the ways I instructed the groups to the google doc before the breakout rooms but all in all there would be very little changes to this project.

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