Recent Projects

Learning Experience

Webinar: Easy as Pie

I threw a webinar, with the help of Zoom. I can now say I am a Zoom expert, and a bit of a fanatic. Easy as Pie a a MINI webinar that I hosted about making pie crusts. Please look through my Easy As Pie Blog Post for a you tube recording and download slides below.

Learning Experience

Website: Adult Learning Realized

Adult Learning Realized

This site was inspired by the book, Adult Learning: Linking Theory and Practice. I started learning about educational theories, to practice background and give the INFP inside me to connect the dots to a larger picture view. Here it is, Adult Learning Realized.

  • Images drawn by me with chalk on my back porch, taken with an iPhone
  • Resources ofr my sources on these theories are within the site
  • Hosted by Wix


Redesigned Learning Spaces

Through the vehicle of asynchronous learning, I tasked myself with the idea of what learning or working at home means, With remote work life on the rise and co-working spaces (even here in Grand Junction!!) what do all humans strive ofr in a work environment in different places.

Writing Sample & Storyboard

Solution Design Document: PHAAE


Public Health Aid, Awareness & Education Organization (PHAAE) has tasked A² Consulting with creating a learning solution that will help the staff and volunteers of the organization streamline their use of social media through a specific tool (Hootsuite), gain a deeper understanding of the use of advantageous marketing techniques, as well as learn new ways for producing marketing material through ready solutions. Here is our proposed Solution Design Document for a self-paced module.


Interactive Reading Techniques: Pecha Kucha

Pecha Kucha, Interactive Reading

Pecha Kucha is a presentation within the style of, 20 sec. per each of the 20 slides, about interactive reading during the early childhood years. The trick is finding images that hold the learner’s attention and also enhance the story being told.