PHAAE: Learner Persona

PHAAE is an organization that strives to close the health inequality gap in Nigeria. My partner and I are working on a project creating an Instructional Design module that would encompass the organization’s challenged aspect, donor support through the use of social media. Please check out our learner personas for the organization’s leaders. Created through, Piktochart.

PHAAE: Learning Objectives

This is our learner journey map and learning objectives for PHAAE an organization that strives to close the health gap in Nigeria. Please visit my learner persona’s to get a more in depth look at our leaners and why we chose this learning objective.

TOBFC Infographic

The TOBFC is an organization that I worked for, have such a deep respect and connections to. This is a timeline of the organization’s growth and projects that have been implemented. Created by, Visme.